Financial Education

We have personally taken classes from these experts and recommend them! They are not the "run to the back of the room and give us your credit card" type of classes. These are classes taught by folks who actively work in the real estate and notes business and only teach classes to pass on the knowledge that was passed on to them.

Gary Johnston Seminars

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The best investment you can make is an education that will enhance your financial future. If you are looking to make $1,000,000 in 30 days, you are in the wrong place. But if you want to learn about building a solid financial foundation, how to make your money make money, and obtaining financial freedom, you are in the right spot.

Bill Tan Investments

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Tenacious, consistent, and professional, Bill brings his unparalleled market knowledge together with an extensive network of local, regional and national contacts. He is president of the Creative Real Estate Investors group in San Diego, California and is a featured speaker in his industry and has appeared on cable TV.