10bii Financial Calculator

Basic Functions

Why is my calculation incorrect? - It's not! Most calculation problems are due to P/YR.

Change Number of Decimal Digits

Overview of Basic Functions - Basic arithmetic, %, parentheses, and order of operations.

The 'M' Register - Learn the →M, RM and M+ functions.

Percent Change (%CHG) - Learn to use %CHG.

STO & RCL - Save and Retrieve values in 10 numbered registers.

CST, PRC, MU, & MAR - Learn Cost, Price, Markup, and Margin.

Basic Time Value of Money (TVM) Functions

Number of Periods (N) - Learn how to use and find loan lengths.

Interest Rate Per Year (I/YR) - Learn about interest and yield.

Present Value (PV) - Learn to determine the Present Value of a loan.

Payment (PMT) - Learn to determine your loan payment.

Future Value (FV) - Learn how much your investment will be worth over time.

Cashflow Diagrams - Learn to read and use Cashflow Diagrams.

Time Value of Money (TVM) Worksheet - Learn to do TVM the easy way.

Advanced Time Value of Money (TVM) Functions

Amortization Schedule - Learn the varied uses of the amoritzation schedule.

Beginning / End Mode - Learn to use and understand Begin and End mode.

Payments per Year - Learn what P/YR means and how to use it.

Number of Years' Worth of Payments - Learn to use the xP/YR button.

Uneven Cashflows - Learn to set up Uneven Cashflow scenarios.

Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return - Learn to find NPV and IRR/YR.

Statistical Functions

Statistical Entry Screen - Learn to enter statistical datapoints.

Basic Statistical Functions - Learn to count and sum.

Advanced Statistical Functions - Learn even more about statistics.