10bii Financial Calculator
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App Privacy Policy Explanation

The 10bii Financial Calculator app for iOS, macOS, and Android does not collect any personally identifiable information.

The only times the app will access the network is for the following uses:

  • download News/Announcement updates In A Day Development.
  • if you are using the Past USA Inflation Easy Mode, download the latest Inflation Rates from In A Day Development.
  • show tutorial videos from YouTube.com
  • contact Firebase Crashlytics to anonymously report crash information so we can use it to fix bugs or improve the app.

Data Categories

Contact Info

The app does not collect or store any contact info.

Financial Info

The app will store mathematical calculations that have been performed and those calculations are generally financial in nature, but it does not store any personal information about finances. These calculations are not transmitted outside of the app.


The app uses Firebase Crashlytics to anonymously report crash information. The anonymized location data that is collect by Crashlytics reports only what country the app is being used in, so that we can determine the need for internationalization and translation requirements.

User Content

The app will store user-generated mathematical calculations to provide a list of Recent calculations to allow the user to reload those calculations. These calculations are not transmitted outside of the app.

The Mac version of the 10bii app will request permission to write files to your computer if you wish to export any calculations in PDF or CSV format and will only use that permission to perform those explicit tasks.


Crashlytics Id: Firebase Crashlytics will store an anonymous id for each user in order to group crash reports together.

Crash Data

In order to find and fix issues, the 10bii app uses Google Firebase to track crash reports.

Last Updated Sep 3, 2022

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