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KyleAbout Kyle… Kyle Humfeld has long been interested in math, numbers, problem solving, and education. Growing up in a financially conservative family, he learned early what money can do for you (and do to you), and how to live beneath his means and accumulate savings and investments. He graduated from college without any debt, owns his cars free and clear, and never carries a balance on his credit cards. Since 2008, Kyle and his wife have steadily increased their passive-cashflow assets, including mortgage notes, rental property, partnership deals on real estate, and smartphone, tablet, and computer-based software.

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A long-time educator, Kyle has tutored various levels of mathematics as early as age 13, and taught martial arts to all ages for seven years, ending in late 2010. Having launched a real estate investment business with his wife in 2008 (alongside working a full-time job programming computers for a large aerospace company and working part-time on In A Day Development), he’s actively working to build his knowledge and portfolio of property and management, mortgage notes and trust deeds, master leases, options to purchase, and all manner of other means to build passive income. Having just turned 40, he’s happy to no longer be dependent upon full-time employment, and now devotes himself to working on things he’s passionate about rather than punching a clock to put food on the table. Teaching others about money has long been one of his long-term goals, and one in which he’s happy to continue gaining experience.

KennyAbout Kenny… Passionate in his commitment to improving the quality of life of those around him, Kenny Wyland has worked hard throughout life not only mastering his technical skills, but has focused on how those skills can be put to the best use to empower and educate. Kenny’s interests in several wide-ranging topics mean at any given time he could be reading a book about investing (The Richest Man in Babylon was a recent favorite), or he’s just as likely to be reading a book about Quantum Physics due to his exuberant love of Science!

However, despite being a student of many subjects throughout his life, Kenny was lacking financial knowledge. This, coupled with a high technology income, led to a lifestyle of consumption. Thankfully, encouragement and education from close friends, like Kyle, and their mentors exposed him to a new way of thinking about money and led him to reexamine his financial future. Kenny now works toward financial freedom through frugal spending practices and smart investments in rental real estate, mortgage notes, and other forms of passive income. On top of all that, he works full-time on apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Mac at In A Day Development.