Our good friend and accomplished Real Estate Investor, Buddy Broome, is offering a great new class to turn you into a Financial Calculator Wizard and show you how to create wealth!

It’s called Calculate Your Way to Financial Freedom!

Use the code “inaday” and get a $50 discount which takes the price from $149 to only $99! 

This class will teach you how to master the financial calculator so that you can formulate a plan to create wealth and have a systematic approach for any financial decision that you may face. This class will cover a variety of topics, including both investing and “ordinary” financial issues that we face in our everyday lives.

Some topics Buddy will cover include:

  • How much in assets one needs to create enough cash flow to stop working and still maintain their desired lifestyle (and how to get there).
  • The real cost of a financed car.
  • Whether higher education (and the accompanying debt) is worth the investment.

In addition, Buddy will cover:

  • How to purchase cash flowing real estate without using a bank and without a lot (or any) of your own money.
  • How to structure seller financed deals.
  • How to pay more for properties than the competition and still get a better return on your money.

Register today!

Calculate Your Way to Financial Freedom
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