Do you want to see your favorite In A Day Developers?  

You’re in luck!  

Kenny and Kyle will be speaking at the Long Beach ‘For Investors, By Investors’ club on May 28th, 2015, starting at 7 PM.

The FIBI meeting will be held at The Grand, and the two nerds will efficiently relate what a financial calculator is, what it can do for you, and why it’s an essential tool for anyone who invests in notes, all in the span of just 20 minutes!

After Kenny and Kyle are done, note investor and broker Gerald Lemoine of The Lemoine Group will tell you all about the ins and outs of note investing.  

If you’re at all interested in investing in debt, or just want to know a bit about financial calculators and how to evaluate investments, you should not miss this meeting!

Kenny and Kyle to speak at FIBI Long Beach on May 28th
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