Investment opportunities are all around you, but without your 10bii Financial Calculator, you might not realize how good they are!

Case in point: I subscribe to a legal service which provides contracts on demand, etc. I was paying $40/month (i.e. $480/year). I found out they offer an annual plan for an upfront payment of $400. If I invest $400 to keep $40/month in my pocket for 12 months in return, that’s a 35.07% return on my investment!

But wait, there’s more! They are offering a special on their annual package right now and I could get a full year for only $259. If I invested $259 today and was able to keep my $40/month that’s a 132.67% return on my money! I’m very comfortable with my calculator, but when I saw how high that number was, even I balked at it.

When I first read about the deal, I thought, “Hm, that sounds like a pretty good deal. Should I?” and then I realized I should throw those numbers into my 10bii Financial Calculator to find out exactly what kind of return I’m getting. It was so good, I signed up for the annual deal and then ended up writing this article!

10bii Financial Calculator

Investment Opportunities in Everyday Life
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