Windows Logoapple logoIn A Day Development is offering software development paid internships!

We (Kenny and Kyle) have both been writing software for more than 15 years but there are only so many hours in the day and we want your help! We have existing projects ready to go.

  • Get Paid to write Apps!
  • Get Mentoring from expert developers, Kenny and Kyle!
  • Add Published Apps to your Resume!

We will provide you with a well-designed app project and we will work with you regularly to share our many years of experience in Software Development Best Practices. You’ll make money, get real-world experience and we’ll credit you as the developer so you can add the work to your professional resume.

Looking for:

  • Windows Developers
  • iOS Developers

Email us at, tell us what programming skills you have and let’s get started!

Developers for Hire!
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