We have just released a great new version of our 5-star 10bii Financial Calculator app for iOS!

New Features!

Time-Value of Money BoxGenerate and Email a PDF of a standard Time-Value of Money calculation! Enter your values for N, I/YR, PV, PMT and FV and then Share it with co-workers, family, or friends! The previous version added this PDF feature for Amortization Schedules, Uneven Cashflows and Statistical Datasets, but now you can use it for all of your TVM calculations!

New Easy Modes!

There are now 7 additional advanced Easy Modes available to unlock! These are in addition to the 12 Easy Modes available to start. These new Easy Modes include…

Easy Mode: Adjust for Future Inflation 

Future Inflation Easy ModeThis Easy Mode is critical for planning retirement or future spending, because rising Inflation will reduce the buying power of your money. If you can live on $5,000/month of income, you’ll need more than that in the future just to keep pace with Inflation. For example, if we have 3% inflation for the next 30 years, you’ll actually need over $12,000/month to maintain your standard of living. If you only plan your retirement to produce $5,000/month, you’re going to be in bad shape!

Easy Mode: What will it REALLY Cost?

What will it Really Cost Easy ModeThis Easy Mode was a great idea sent in by one of our users! She was given an offer for a $999 all-inclusive vacation package and she was considering putting it on her credit card, but she wondered how much would it REALLY cost after she paid credit card interest? Understanding the true cost of using credit is vital to financial planning, so we thought this was a great idea!

Look for our next post where we will cover more of the new Easy Modes! Until then, here is a list of the names of the new Easy Modes:

  • What is my Balloon payment?
  • What is my Canadian Mortgage payment?
  • Adjust for Past USA Inflation? 
  • What will my Savings be Worth if I saving a larger and larger payment over time?
  • What is an asset worth today if it will produce larger and larger cashflows over time?
10bii Financial Calculator version 4.0!
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