We (Kenny and Kyle) spent Labor Day weekend at Financial Freedom Principles, which provides an AMAZING education. It’s a 3 day seminar and provides more information than you can imagine about taking control of your financial future, how to think about money differently, and teaching you how to use a Financial Calculator which is the most essential tool you have for controlling your financial future.

The class is run by two amazing investors and educators: Gary Johnston and Clyde Wilson. We originally learned how to use a Financial Calculator from these gentlemen which is what led us to create the 10bii Financial Calculator app (our 5 star financial calculator app for iPhone, iPad, Android and Mac)!

Kenny and Kyle with Gary and Clyde
We’ve been to classes with Gary and Clyde several times because we keep going back to take our family members so that our family can benefit from their incredible information. Each time we go though, Gary and Clyde teach us even more about investing and more about ourselves. I (Kenny) am always amazed at the personal insights they help me uncover. Sometimes it’s a mistake I keep making in my investment thinking which prevents me from seeing a good opportunity or prevents me from taking advantage of a good opportunity. Sometimes it’s a reminder of something I know I SHOULD be doing, but I’ve let myself get busy and make excuses and I stop doing it. For example, this last time I walked away realizing that I had lost sight of exactly where I am with my cashflow numbers because I hadn’t been maintaining my financial statements on a regular basis.

If I don’t know how much cash I have on hand or how much cashflow I need to reach my goal of Financial Freedom then how can I expect to react quickly when a good opportunity comes along? I’ll have to stop and start counting cash on hand and by the time I’m done counting… the opportunity is gone.

My two nephews attend the class with us and they had some great quotes which they said I could share:

“I really have a better outlook on life now that I’m taking our financial security into my own hands.”

“I realized it’s not important that I didn’t get out of the rat race TODAY… just that I was on the right path.”

Gary and Clyde’s next class is called Money not Math and will be held in Las Vegas in February 2013. A lot of people get worried or confused when dealing with math.. but money? Everybody loves money. So, change the way you think about it. It’s Money, not Math.

“The wealth process starts in our thoughts.” — Gary Johnston

Financially Free!

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