We’ve been burning the midnight oil… burning the candle at both ends… burning something else that describes that we’re working very hard… in order to overcome some limitations inherent in the iPhone hardware with respect to how very large numbers are handled. We’ve tried several avenues, none of which turned out better than our current approach, but we still have other ideas and we’re continuing to press on.

The math in version 1.02 IS solid, you don’t have to worry about that, but there are some extreme cases in which the original HP calculator is able to calculate an I/YR but the iPhone isn’t able to handle the numbers necessary to complete that calculation. We’re working to make that better so that your really wacky I/YR scenarios will still provide you an answer.

Math is hard. Let’s play Golf Solitaire HD instead.

btw, when we talk about really big, ridiculous numbers, we aren’t kidding…. the following ridiculously large number IS STILL ABLE to be used… it’s numbers even BIGGER than this that cause the problem:


(Not even counting the numbers at the beginning, that’s 152 zeros!)

That’s more than twice the interest rate my credit card charges! (*rimshot*)

Those kinds of numbers aren’t something you would ever see when performing your TVM calculations, but due to the complex math behind the scenes those kinds of numbers can appear during intermediate calculations.

10bii Refinements and Ridiculous Numbers

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