Friends. It has been a LONG road to RadLibs. It was actually the first app we ever started working on. Back in November, we were fresh from reading a book on iPhone development and sat down to write an app. The more we thought through the idea the more we realized, “Wow… we don’t even know how to begin to THINK about how to design that in an iPhone environment.” So we set it aside and wrote Your Mom!!.

RadLibs has gone through 3 or 4 major revisions since November. For example, we needed to keep our information in a database, so we learned how to use the sqlite libraries and got a very simple working prototype. However, spreading sql through an application makes it quite a pain to maintain, so we looked into object-based databases. We looked at CoreData (Apple’s database management library), but we were still too green in the iPhone and Objective-C world to really understand it. So we started writing our own objects for database access. We learned a great deal in the process! So much so, that once we were done with it we finally understood how to use the inherent power in CoreData… so we rewrote it all to use Apple’s libraries instead of our own. It was 2 steps forward, 2 steps back, but we were learning and growing!

There were other bits of growth, regression and regrowth and we’re much better iPhone developers because of it. We hope this app will bring in money to offset all of the time and effort we put into it but even if it never brings in $1 we’ve benefitted from the experience.

Please wish us a [speedy] and [uneventful] review process so this app can get out to the people where it belongs!

RadLibs submitted for review!

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