We’ve got a few more sections of RadLibs to iron out before submission, but once we do our next project is already in the planning stages.

First Lady Michelle Obama is spearheading an effort to end childhood obesity in our generation. Part of that effort has to do with creating games and smartphone apps that will help teach kids about nutrition and exercise. We love the idea of improving the health and well-being of our citizenry and so we’re going to take action.

No, not just watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (but we do watch it)… and not just watching The Biggest Loser (and we do watch that too)… We’re going to participate and create a game for kids to help get them in the habit of making good food choices as well as encouraging them to get out and play in the real world. Getting XP is fun and whatnot, but it won’t keep you healthy!

Stay tuned for more info on our informally named Healthy Kid app!

Teaching Kids about Health

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