Apple has some really sexy UI candy when it comes to buttons, navigation bars, toolbars, etc., but the documentation for them is incredibly verbose and a little difficult to digest. We’ve attempted to pierce through the fog so we can take advantage of these wonderful UI elements, but the examples are often too simple to be useful or so complex that we still end up confused.

One of the biggest obstacles has been the XIB. Apple has created this awesome application called Interface Builder which lets developers create their interfaces in a visual fashion. It’s easily the best part of developing for iPhone. However, we’ve been developing software for decades and so all of our experience is creating things in code, so it’s been hard to grok exactly what is happening when we create things in a XIB (XML file made by Interface Builder).

We’ve been watching the awesome lessons from Stanford’s iPhone class on iTunes University and things are finally clicking. A good portion of our free time in the next week or so is going to be spent (virtually) with the smart folks at Stanford.

The Fog is Clearing

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