As we have progressed in our understanding of Objective-C and of XCode, one of the pieces that we’ve been missing is how to used shared code with XCode. We’ve written several classes and categories that we want to use again and again, but until now we’ve needed just to copy those classes from one project to another. This offends our high geek ethics, but NO MORE!

Easy, Modular Code Sharing Across iPhone Apps: Static Libraries and Cross-Project References

Apple’s XCode documentation does explain the technicals of how to accomplish using another XCode project to store your shared code, but their documentation tends to be exhaustive and you lose the forest for the trees. In the above article, Clint Harris goes through a very simple to follow, step-by-step process of how to set up a cross-project reference so that you can keep your shared code in one location and have it built on demand.

It makes us all warm and happy inside.

Using another XCode Project as a Static Library

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